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KaHo is all about Vibrant Colour, the Softest Cottons and Super Flattering Clothes and

Gorgeous Homeware...


Inspired by the markets in Southern France where stylish, good quality clothes and accessories in stunning colours don’t cost the earth. KaHo offers customers a range of good quality, ethically sourced clothes, homeware and accessories at affordable prices – that last for years and that grow softer with age!

With Prints designed by hand in West Sussex and hand blocked by a two generation family company in Jaipur - our prints and fabrics are exclusive, unique and super special!


Using the finest, softest cottons that are all Organic. The fabrics are pre-washed and Hand Block printed using AZO free dyes and cut and made into clothing and homeware designs that are that contemporary, stunning and stylish.


Discover the vibrant colours of KaHo for yourselves…


Enjoy and hope the happy, colourful KaHo prints make you smile!










Our Team

KaHo works with a two generation family business in Jaipur to produce slow fashion, homeware and accessories. We work with a team of highly skilled workers. Our pattern cutting, stitching and tailoring is all carried out by this one family business.



The Block Prints

Our bespoke designs are drawn directly onto large pieces of Teak wood before the pattern is carved by hand. The fabric is rolled out, pulled taught and pinned ready for printing. The wooden block is dipped into trays of different colours, then applied to the fabric by hand. The fabric is printed with one colour at a time so the entire length can printed up to 5-6 times depending on the number of colours in the fabric. As this process is completed by hand, there may be small variations across the prints, we celebrate these variations as they show that each and every piece is individual and has its own character.








Our Cottons

All of our cotton is organic - meaning that our farmers work to the highest ethical and environmental standards, with no use of pesticides or any other harmful chemicals – ensuring the safety of the farmer, and local community.


All our pieces are made in beautiful organic cotton, which is breathable and comfortable to wear whilst also naturally sourced. The cotton ages beautifully becoming deliciously soft with age!


Our Colours

Within the team, our Colour Master spends hours and days perfecting and colour matching the vivid colours for the KaHo prints. The dyes are all AZO free dyes which are totally lead free.

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